Ryan Tubridy has revealed the first two guests who will be joining him on this week's edition of the chat show.

Following last week's glorious return to our screens, which featured Russell Crowe saying her was once "f*cked in the neck by a tarantula" no less, this week's edition of 'The Late Late Show' will see host Ryan Tubridy tackle a different kind of story about a beast - one involving a certain US leader.

Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump, will be among his guests this Friday night. Following the recent publication of her memoir, 'Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man', you can tell where this interview may be heading. The White House attempted to stop the book from being published but weren't successful.

Writing that her uncle threatens the life of every American citizen by being in his position of power, her alleged tell-all book sees her brand Donald Trump as a "narcissist", who holds a "fragile" ego, and has "trod upon the vulnerable". This will make for one interesting interview.

Joining Mary Trump this week will be Dublin band Stolen City, following the group's singer Dave McCabe's interview on 'The Ryan Tubridy Show' on RTE Radio 1 in July. The singer spoke of his battle with leukaemia.

Here's the band's music video for their song 'The Tower'.

The full line-up for 'The Late Late Show' will be announced tomorrow, Thursday.