After what felt like an incredible absence, 'Late Late Show' returned last night to our screens in the age of lockdown measures and social distancing.

The highlight of the night, without a doubt, came when Russell Crowe appeared on screen in his home bar, standing before stout and beer taps like a friendly publican, explaining how he worked with Bridget Fonda in 1994. The movie in question, as we found out ourselves, was 'Rough Magic' - a charming little indie comedy set in the '50s where Crowe plays a former photojournalist with PTSD, and Fonda plays a magician's assistant.

Crowe, of course, utilises his raconteur spirit to explain the setup of the story - that he was a young, jobbing actor and wasn't "the famous bastard" he is today. It's in Mexico, and he's told that there'll be a scene in the movie where a tarantula will crawl up his chest, onto his neck, and finally into his mouth.

Mercifully, Crowe is told that the tarantula has been defanged and has no poison in its system to potentially harm the future Oscar winner. That, however, appears not to be the case. Then, oh then, it gets worse.

Much worse. Take a look. Also, bask in the knowledge that Russell Crowe has a small little old man's pub in his house with pictures of Brendan Behan on the wall.