Time to get those egg cartons, pipe cleaners, and old newspapers out onto the arts and crafts table at home, as one of Ireland's biggest TV shows from the '90s has made its return.

'How Do You Do' with Mary Fitzgerald is back on our screens just in time for us to keep the young (and old) ones amused. RTE Player have today released three old episodes from the classic arts and crafts series onto their on demand service, where we'll join Mary as she creates some puppets, some paper mache fruits and vegetables, and of course that infamous draft stopper that looks like a snake.

The episodes launched today ahead of Mary's appearance on Ray D'Arcy's radio show on RTE Radio 1, which seems like a combination in heaven for fans of 'The Den'.

Back in April, Mary weeted that she "would love" if RTE would reshow episodes of 'How Do You Do', which is probably the reason why these three episodes have seen the light of day now.

A few weeks ago, another classic presenter from our childhood spent in front of 'The Den' decided to treat us to a revival of his classic show too. Don Conroy, of 'Draw with Don' fame, launched his own YouTube channel (here), where he's even branched out into a spin-off video which he called 'A Walk with Don'.

With the RTE archives heaving with fantastic content from way back when, we reckon there are plenty more TV shows that deserve the revival treatment on the RTE Player. Along with 'How Do You Do', which other RTE shows do you think should be brought back for new viewers?

Here's a walk down memory lane for you - for that moment when Zig and Zag crashed into studio.