Ah, 'The Den'. Every Irish child who lived through the '80s and '90s knows just how much that TV show meant to us each day as we headed home from school, ready to see the likes of Podge, Rodge, Zuppy, Dustin, and Socky on our screens. It was one of the best shows Irish television ever produced.

And if you'll remember, artist Don Conroy used to pop into the studio every now and again, helping budding young Irish artists to create various animals or caricatures - and owls of course. Don even had his own show 'Draw with Don' and he was also quite the storyteller.

Well, the artist is back folks. Taking to Twitter yesterday, Don uploaded a video to say that due to the current times, he's decided to provide us all with an escape from the world and teach us how to draw once again.

Don Conroy has already uploaded his first video to his newly dedicated YouTube channel, where the artist tackles drawing a clown for this first video. Don will be back again over the coming weeks, as he gets the people of Ireland creative with their family and friends once again.

Get your sketch pad out - here's the first video.