It's hard to believe sometimes that Tim from The Office has gone on to become a global star, with Martin Freeman appearing in everything from Sherlock alongside Benedict Cumberbatch to big budget movies like The Hobbit and Black Panther.

It's understandable then that he has no interest in returning to his breakout role because why would he? The UK Office may have only been 14 episodes but it is beloved by fans across the globe and inspired many adaptions, the most famous of course being The US Office.

When asked about a possible reunion of The Office, Freeman told The Daily Beast: "I have no desire to go back to it.

"It would have to be so miraculously good. Ricky [Gervais] and Steve [Merchant] would have to come with a script that was miraculously good, and have a reason to do it that was miraculously good. If it was good enough to do, then I’d do it. But I can’t see that it would be, and I can’t see that either of them would want to, because I think both of them have more taste than that. I’m not a massive fan of revivals, and I’m not a massive fan of getting the old gang back together.

"We were nowhere near as good as The Beatles. Now, I’m going to ask you: Would The Beatles have been as good as The Beatles if they’d reformed in 1990? The answer, to any sane person, would be, of course they wouldn’t. So if The Beatles aren’t going to be that good, neither are we."

We have to agree, there's way to much flogging of dead horses in TV and movies at the moment - some things should be left exactly where they are.