'The Simpsons' may not seem it, but it's quite a political show.

Or at least it was, who really knows what it's like anymore? Anyway, this whole thing began when one of Donald Trump's most senior legal advisors, Jenna Ellis, made a crack on Twitter that Democrat nominee for Vice President, Kamala Harris, sounded like Marge Simpson.

For the record, she doesn't. At all. Not even close. Not even a little bit.

If anything, Jenna Ellis looks, sounds, acts, and talks like Helen Lovejoy. Anyway, the claim did the rounds because of how painfully stupid it is, and sure enough, Marge Simpson and her voice actor, Julie Kavner, got involved.

Yesterday evening, this video was posted on 'The Simpsons' official Twitter account, stating that "Marge Simpson would like to say something". The video then sees Marge remind her, and everyone else, that she is a suburban housewife and is starting to feel a little disrespected, adding that she teaches her children not to name-call.

Here's the video itself.

The only thing this video does is prove how long it's been since we've watched 'The Simpsons', as Julie Kavner's voice has changed since the last time we watched it.

It also points out, yet again, how utterly the US is f*cked if this is the kind of political discourse that's doing the rounds. A character from a clapped-out cultural phenomenon of a show is forced to respond to claims by some goon who works for a failed reality TV show host who somehow became leader of the US.

You literally couldn't write this stuff. Even in a later episode of 'The Simpsons', for that matter.