The Ireland 'Simpsons' Fans Facebook page has gifted us with yet another golden mashup of Irish life intertwined with that of the residents of Springfield. But this time around, it's slack-jawed yokel Cletus Spuckler and his 39-strong children who are the stars of the video - because we wouldn't want to be the red-faced youngsters exiting the house party.

In case you missed it, at least 62 young people were removed from a house party in Waterford at the weekend, proving that social distancing measures have gone out the window over the past week. This was ahead of Phase Three of the Irish Government's plan being implemented on Monday, allowing more businesses to reopen and larger numbers of groups to meet inside (while still maintaining a distance).

However, the Phase Two guidelines seemed to not be heeded by this group of youngsters, whose house party was crashed by Gardai on Saturday. Local Councillor Donal Barry said it was "an absolute disgrace" to see the amount of people inside one house.

And here is the wonderful Cletus/house party mashup, which was created by Facebook user Simon Murdoch for the Ireland 'Simpsons' Fans group.

And this is the original clip from 'The Simpsons' episode 'The Twisted World of Marge Simpson'.