For a number of people, Ireland Simpsons Fans is the only reason they still keep a Facebook account open.

After all, the social media platform has degenerated and with people slowly disconnecting from the platform, the only thing keeping it interesting and remotely entertaining is groups like Ireland Simpsons Fans. One of the group's most celebrated posters is Conor Flynn, who made the epic, 19-panel post that blended 'The Shawshank Redemption' with 'The Simpsons' and incorporated existentialist dread and the passage of time.

Yet, for all of the detailed and niche humour of his posts, Flynn appears almost nonchalant about his process. "Pictures don't take much time to edit, but a video takes longer to process because my computer is a potato," he explains, when asked how long it takes him to come up with a post. "I just get ideas from just watching TV or the news and ask myself "how can I work pints into this somehow?". Not much a drafting process. Sometimes I'll show a friend before I post something and they'll tell me if they think it's shite or not-shite."

"That's good enough for me," Flynn says.

As much as his own posts have been widely shared, posts venerating Flynn have been equally popular. The group has elevated him to the status of a micro-celebrity, something he admits he's not entirely sure how to deal with. "When people photoshop my face into memes, yeah that's a bit weird," he admits. Yet, for all of the pressures of success - such as it is - and the nature of his creative output, he's not done just yet.

"I'll keep doing it if I have any ideas, but I don't want attention, I just like the page (he says as he does an interview about himself)." On the topic of his own fame, Flynn revealed that he's ghost-posted on the group a number of times. "A few weeks ago I made a meme and gave it to a friend to post for themselves, people in the comments said 'this is much better than anything conor flynn could come up with'."