Arya Stark has been making very fast work of that list of hers over the last few seasons of Game of Thrones. She is not a woman to be messed with and will happily hold a grudge until your last breath, which may or may not involve pie, as we learned in season six's finale.

Actress Maisie Williams has previously said that 'nothing will prepare' fans for what's to come in season seven, and has also told Variety who she'd most like to have scenes with next season.

"It would be wonderful to work with one of the Starks again, but I just want her to see Melisandre or Cersei and not be dead at the end of it. To cross another big name off the list – but then I feel like people might come for me, because although everyone doesn’t like Cersei, we kind of love to hate her and I love to hate her. For the story it would be cool to meet either one of those and put a sword into them."

It seems actress Lena Headey would also be happy for her character Cersei to be killed by Arya, telling Entertainment Weekly recently that she is hoping for a "great death by Arya".

We're not sure how much the showrunners will listen however, as we're pretty sure of the death they have in mind for Cersei already. Saying that though, we, like Jon Snow, know nothing.