A US remake of Luther, really? They couldn't give us another season, no?

Showrunner Neil Cross has announced that FX are to take on a US remake of the hit BBC show, with Idris Elba acting as a producer.

Cross, who's already done some US TV work with Crossbones, will be writing this US adaptation of his creation, although nobody's been cast in the title role as yet.

Although the third season was left open for a fourth one, it's looking more likely that a film sequel is going to happen instead.

Elba won himself an Emmy nomination for Best Actor when it originally debuted on BBC America and the show has become an underground hit across the waters.

Unfortunately, British remakes haven't been so successful in the States. The remake of Broadchurch hasn't really taken off and the Prime Suspect remake has also fallen flat with audiences.

That said, it's good that the original creator is sticking with the US remake - we just wish there was a fourth season is all.



via Collider.com