It's the news we have been waiting for all week long, will Love/Hate continue for another series? After the dramatic events of last week's season five finale, it was looking unlikely, although both writer Stuart Carolan and actor Tom Vaughan Lawlor said the show could go on without Nidge.

And it seems, it will! Although we may be waiting a while for it as it's not set to return in 2015.

RTE Commissioning Editor Jane Gogan said last night; "RTE can confirm that Love/Hate will not return to screens in 2015." However she went on to say; "A sixth series is currently in development with the writer and creator Stuart Carolan and Octagon Films."

Gogan added: "It's just a week since the series finale aired and RTÉ, the producers and Stuart feel it's important to take time and reflect before going to production with a sixth season."

So the show will go on, how, we do not know, but guess we will have to put our trust in the capable hands of Stuart Carolan.

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