If you were watching Love/Hate last night then you'll know why Fran's tooth is making waves on the Twitter machine this morning, but actor Peter Coonan has been revealing that there's more to the tale than meets the eye.

SPOILER ALERT: If you missed last night's Love/Hate and still want to catch up, we suggest you look away now.

It turns out that the star really did lose a tooth, making life for the Love/Hate production team rather easy when it came to that bathroom brawl during episode 2: "Yeah so I lose the teeth during the fight. He puts my teeth against the wall, smashes them actually against the toilet bowl but yeah there was no real tricks needed, camera tricks or make up tricks," Coonan explained.

"I had an incident when I was younger and I fell, had an accident and smashed my teeth so I’ve had a denture. On the first film - the reason I got the part on this - I worked on was called Between the Canals, I had my teeth out and Stuart (Carolan - writer) Caffo (David Caffrey - director) and Maureen (Hughes - Casting Director) saw a clip of it and that’s how I got the audition for Fran", the actor went on to reveal.

Coonan, who fans saw putting on an X Factor-worthy display for the Gardaí last night, said he knew that the team would get around to dealing with his dental issues eventually. "I knew that cos Stuart and Caffo were such big fans of the film that I knew that they were waiting - it was only a matter of time, for every script for every season I was like 'When is it coming?'", he said, "And then I saw the teeth".

Of course that didn't exactly mean he was overjoyed at the prospect of smacking his head against a urinal, but we guess he realised that every cloud has a silver lining. "I was kinda like ah do they have to do the teeth?", Coonan admitted, "But I mean it’s one of those things, I won’t have it for long because I’m going to get them fixed so may as well utilize it you know?"

So remember, Love/Hate Cat didn't actually die, but Fran's tooth falling out? That was 100 per cent real. Coolaboola?