Seems like those Love/Hate boyos are as tough off set as they are on, well one of them is anyways. Actor John Connors who plays pipe bomber Patrick on the show has said that when they were filming at the travelling site where he lived, his family saw some folk wandering around that weren't supposed to be there, and well, they were having none of it.

The actor was speaking yesterday at the RTE Autumn schedule launch, Connors said; "A few of my family were cast in the show; when they saw the paps they ran after them, threw some eggs and swore blind." Yep, that oughta do it.

He went on to say that a few of his cousins actually play extras on the show and many more were eager to take part; “If there was a line in the script up for grabs they’d all come running, or I’d audition them for fake parts – it was great fun."

John, who also starred in last year's flick 'King of the Travellers' also revealed that his family weren't at all keen on him getting into acting initially; "When I first started acting most of my family didn’t know what to think, because when you’re a Traveller you have to do manly things, so it was a shock for them. It took them a few years to get their head around it and now they like it – I also have dozens of cousins now wanting to be actors, which is nice,” he said.

Love/Hate is returning in the Autumn for its fifth season.

Via Irish Independent