'Love Island' fans were left shocked last week when fan favourite Samira walked off the show to follow her man Frankie, but if you were watching 'Aftersun' last night, you'll have seen it was a decision that had a very happy ending for her.

It showed Frankie waiting for Samira at the airport when she arrived back from Majorca and later on the pair joined Caroline Flack in studio where they made their relationship official.


Is it too late for them to go back in the villa and win 'Love Island'?

Fans were left annoyed at how little screen time the couple got on 'Love Island' with Frankie revealing when he left the show that the couple actually had a night in the Hideaway that was never shown.

He said last week: "Our relationship in there was very strong and if you had spoken to any other islanders they would have put me and Sam up there in one of the strongest in the villa, so it is weird to come out and see some viewer reaction, saying 'we didn’t see enough of it', but everyone [in the villa] knew I liked Sam and everyone knew Sam liked me, and we did our own thing and there was never any question marks, so it is funny to know how we can be seen as."

ITV told Metro.co.uk: "We don’t necessarily show every moment in the hideaway owing to the constraints of it only being a one hour show."

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