It'd that time of day again - we've the preview for tonight's 'Love Island' and it looks like the Islanders are in for a shake up tonight.

Last night saw islanders Michael and Francesca pack their bags and head home.

From the looks of things, everyone left is moving on fast. But that doesn't mean there isn't new drama in store.

Firstly, it looks like Chris and Harley are headed out on their first date. It's quite soon in their relationship but given there's only about a week of the show left, it seems the producers are eager to keep everything in motion and give everyone a fair amount of screentime.

But really the main drama will be coming from today's challenge - which is all about which islanders have hit the headlines and why.

Apparently it involves the couples having drinks thrown at them from the 'side bar of shame'.

Harley complains after the challenge that Chris acted 'muggy AF' while Belle says she just thought his actions were random.

Anton has also been put in doubt from the challenge. He's worried Belle also has doubts now.

Elsewhere, Ovie is left upset from the challenge today as well. Anna and Jordan discuss being at risk of being dumped from the island last night.

One week left guys and then our guilty obsession can end!