The winners of 'Love Island' 2021 were announced last night after a pretty emotional finale.

We saw the 'Love Island' finalists - Faye and Teddy, Chloe and Toby, Millie and Liam, and Kaz and Tyler - declare their love for one another (in a corny, but sweet display), before dancing the night away and jumping in the pool while dressed to the nines.

It's safe to say that all four couples had their ups and downs throughout the series, all faced challenges, as all split up at one point or another.

But after all the drama, Millie and Liam were crowned this year's winners.

The first runner ups were Chloe and Toby.

Both couples became official boyfriend and girlfriend on last night's episode.

Faye and Teddy took third place, while Kaz and Tyler were fourth.

You can watch the moment the 'Love Island' winners were announced below.

There was quite the reaction to last night's episode on Twitter.

Some celebrated the 'Love Island' champs, while others claimed their own heroes...

If you missed the 'Love Island' finale, you can catch the episode now on the Virgin Media Player.