There's no end to the drama on 'Love Island' this season but one person who has had no part in it is Samira. She's been partnered up with Alex from the start in a friendship-relationship and while all hands have been on deck trying to get him to succeed in his labours of love, not half as much attention has been given to Samira.

Last night had viewers even more frustrated when a new bloke came in and Rosie, who has been single for all of five minutes, wasn't letting Samira get a look in. Now in fairness this is a competition and it is every woman for themselves, but at the same time, many 'Love Island' fans feel that the others should be giving Samira a lot more help and support.

There's a re-coupling on tonight's 'Love Island' so fingers crossed that Samira stays. Catch it all tonight on 3e from 9pm.