As reported earlier in the week, Sherif was thrown off of 'Love Island' for allegedly making love to himself, which is a big no-no on 'Love Island'.

It's in the name, but those are seemingly the rules of 'Love Island'. Sherif's departure from the show, however, prompted questions from the audience as to what actually are the rules of 'Love Island'.

Evidently, making love to oneself is against the rules, but what else is there? Apparently, contestants are given a handbook that expressly forbids them from certain things while on the show.

No phones / internet

The most obvious one is, of course, no mobile phones or WiFi on the show. This means no social media, no calling home, no nothing.

No physical confrontations of any kind

Again, this might seem patently obvious, but any kind of physical altercation will end up in both parties being ordered off 'Love Island'. It hasn't happened yet in the show's run, but it's one that's grounds for immediate removal.

No on-camera nudity

This might seem like an odd one, but even the showers of the villa in 'Love Island' are considered public spaces, which is why everyone has to shower in their togs and bikinis. That can't be healthy at all when you think about it.

No making love to onself

Well, this is the supposed reason why Sherif was asked to leave 'Love Island'. At least Ray Shah was good enough to do it under a blanket of some sort.

Islanders who make love must meet with a counsellor

Due to the nature of 'Love Island', the producers now specifically request that Islanders who have intimate relations with one another during the course of the time on their show are required to meet with a counsellor to ensure that the encounter was consensual. As well as this, the producers specifically banned islanders from having sex while drunk. Makes sense.

No branded clothing, no smoking in the villa

Again, another pretty obvious one. The lack of branded clothing, alcohol, and whatever else is due to advertising standards whilst no smoking in the villa seemingly came out of viewer complaints. If islanders want to spark up or vape, they've got to do it outside.

Dive-bombing in the pool is forbidden

This one, however, makes no sense. WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT OF HAVING A POOL IF YOU CAN'T DIVE-BOMB.