It's down to the final few weeks on 'Love Island' and sure enough, some couples are finally making things official.

On tonight's first look, we see Jordan grabbing a boys' council to see about his plans to make things official with Anna, including his ideas on how to actually pitch the whole thing to Anna in the first place. Meanwhile, Chris cracks on with Harley and share a first kiss together in the Island Club.

Aside from all the good vibes going on with Jordan and Anna, there's tension in there as a text comes in informing the couples that one couple is headed home tonight. While there's nothing in the video about who it'll be, most people seem to think it'll be Michael and Francesca heading home.

On top of that, 'Love Island: Aftersun' will feature an exclusive interview with Joanna and Caroline Flack, discussing her thoughts on what's gone on since she left the show and what she makes of the drama that's ensued since then.

'Love Island' and 'Love Island: Aftersun' airs tonight on Virgin Media Two at 9PM and 10PM.