Nearly all the Love Islanders look like they have been constructed in a lab, but nope, they all came from somewhere and not all of them were always so really really ridiculously good looking. Well okay, they were still good looking but in a much more everyday kind of way.

'The Sun' has unearthed some old pics of 'Love Island' contestant Finn Tapp before he entered the lab got all buffed up and you wouldn't recognise him.

Look, there he is now, as an honest-to-God ZOMBIE.

Finn -young Love IslandPics via harrysimisterr/Instagram

Finn-young-2A closeup of Zombie Finn.

The 20-year-old from Milton Keynes looks completely different and clearly ditched his zombie ways soon after to become the Finn we all know and... well, kind of like - it's early days.

Finn arrived last week as one of the first bombshells and is currently coupled up with Paige on 'Love Island'. The pair seem to be hitting it off although who knows what to think now that bombshell Rebecca has arrived in the villa.

'Love Island' continues tonight on Virgin Media One at 9pm.