Maybe it's just because we're the collective consciousness of an entertainment website, but it seems a bit odd that ironing someone's clothes or washing dishes makes you the quote-unqoute, "perfect boyfriend".

Is the bar really set that low nowadays? Is that all it takes? What about being emotionally available, and actively listening to your partner's concerns? Is that not better? How about being supportive and understanding, with an emphasis on generosity of spirit and faithfulness? None of those things come into it? Exactly.

Anyway, Curtis was on 'Lorraine' earlier this morning and explained that he was doing "a bit of washing up" for her. "She was tired so I knew she needed to get some clothes, and I got up before her and ironed her clothes, I just got things ready for her," Curtis laughed.

To be fair, that's very decent of him and who knows, maybe that's all it takes to make it work. Since leaving the villa, the couple haven't spent all that much time apart and while it's early days yet, it could just be that their relationship is the one that ends up going the distance.

So far, only one 'Love Island' couple has bitten the dust since exiting the villa - Chris and Harley - and there's no talk of splitting in the Tommy / Molly-Mae camp or, indeed Maura and Curtis.

To be fair, it's still in the honeymoon phase so give it a few weeks when the sheen wears off and then we'll see if he's still ironing her clothes then.