Week three in the villa may have come and gone, but if you missed an episode (or were jetting off on your own little getaway) last week, we've got you covered on all of the hot gossip you missed out on.

In case you weren't already aware, 'Love Island' is heading back next year with TWO seasons, dragging that winter edition of the series back to our screens at the beginning of 2023. And now, let's take a look back at your weekly catch up of what happened on 'Love Island' over the past seven nights.

Sunday, June 19

Newcomer Danica rocked the boat by being the first to choose her man in a new recoupling, which puts all of the islanders - especially Gemma and Luca - on edge. Choosing a very disgruntled Luca in the end, this also meant that one islander was going to get dumped from paradise, which was Remi. In other news, Dami's head was being turned...

Monday, June 20

Amber and the epicentre of pretty much 90% of the drama so far from the series, Ekin-Su, shared a bust up after shit-stirrer Jay admitted to the latter that he senses tension between them. The pair appeared to apologise later in the episode, but viewer's weren't buying what the girls were selling.

Tuesday, June 21

It was a heavy episode on Tuesday, with the booting off of two islanders for the first time. Both Amber and Ikenna failed to impress the general public, and were voted off of the island for good. Not wasting any time, Dami began to swoop on Indiyah - while Jay confesses he might have been too hasty in his matching with Ekin-Su. Oh lord, it's going to kick off again, isn't it?

Wednesday, June 22

As two new bombshells, Antigoni and Charlie, enter the villa, all eyes are still firmly set on Jay and Ekin-Su. Following her shouting match with Davide last week, Ekin-Su is now pied off with Jay, as it appears he wants to crack on with both Antigoni and Paige.

Thursday, June 23

The Ekin-Su and Jay drama kicks off, with the latter admitting that he'd like to get to know Paige a bit better. Initially relived that she's taken it so well, Jay tells everyone his happy news about how "cool" Ekin-Su has been. Fast-forward five minutes later, Ekin-Su returns, saying that she's taking everything back that she just said. Meanwhile, new bombshell Charlie and Tasha strike up a connection.

Friday, June 24

Ending the week on a happy note, Luca finally got the chance to recouple back up with Gemma - nawwhhhhhh. Then, after Dami and Indiyah coupled up for the first time, things only got awkward from here. Dami and Luca looked far from impressed with Andrew and Tasha coupling up again, with the boys feeling like Tasha is playing a game.

'Love Island' continues tonight at 9 pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.