We were introduced to this year's islanders last night, as the new series of 'Love Island' kicked off.

If you saw it (it's okay to admit it here, this is a safe space), you'll be aware that amongst the cringeworthy moments (Anton admitting his ma shaves his arse) and oh-no-he-didn't ones (Anton putting the moves on Lucie within hours of being coupled up with Amy), there were a couple of funny bits, too.

The first watch-between-your-eyes bit came during the first coupling. Both Sherif and Michael were relegated to the subs' bench, leading the former to shrug 'It is what it is.' When Sherif was eventually (forcibly) coupled up with Amber - and she chose to step forward for Callum - a new catchphrase was officially born.

Meanwhile, Lucie's blatant attempt at introducing a new word - 'Bev' - to the Love Island lexicon didn't go down too well with people, either...

Buckle up, folks - it's going to be a lonnnnnng summer.