We've given up trying to care about what Cheryl's current last name is, so we are just going to go ahead and call her Cheryl and assume you know who we are talking about.

Now that Louis Walsh is officially not returning to X Factor this year, the gloves can finally come off and he can say what he really thinks of his former fellow judge, and he certainly doesn't hold back.

Speaking to Heat magazine, he said; "Cheryl wasn’t great last year. She’s sometimes lazy and lacks energy.

"She needs to give more, she can give so much move. She’s irrelevant these days,” he added.

"I know people say the same about me, but apart from anything, I am fun and I have a rapport with Simon (Cowell)."

It kind of feels like Louis is trying to stir his way back in there by riling Cheryl up, doesn't it?

One thing we'll say for Louis is that he certainly doesn't sugarcoat things, and you know what, we kind of agree. Cheryl wasn't that great last year, it seemed like she had a permanent chip on her shoulder, and it radiated off the screen at times.

Sorry Cheryl, we loved you once, we really did.