After some himming and hawwing, it looks like Louis Walsh is stepping back into the judge's panel for another season of 'X Factor'.

According to numerous UK tabloids, Walsh has now signed his contract for another season of the reality TV series.

Walsh will return to 'X Factor' along with mainstay Simon Cowell, whilst it's still not yet known if former Pussycat Dolls member Nicole Scherzinger will be joining them. Walsh previously left 'X Factor' in 2017, and skipped the 2018 season altogether.

News of Walsh's return comes as questions hang over the continued existence of 'X Factor', as ratings sharply declined in the 2018 season. Again, numerous UK tabloids claim that the show is due for the axe and that 'X Factor: All Stars' will simply take its place on the TV schedule instead.

As well as this, Simon Cowell is also eager to create a celebrity version of 'X Factor', but so far, nothing yet has been confirmed or announced by ITV.