It seems every other day now, people are either asked about TV series being rebooted or actually announcing said reboots.

Like movies, the TV series needs to cut through the endless clutter today's world of endless content by already being a known quantity. It makes sense, but the fact is that very often, sequel / reboot series rarely live up to the promise of the original.

The most recent example of it working is 'Deadwood', but think of the likes of 'Will & Grace' or all the controversy surrounding 'Roseanne' and so on. Anyway, when asked the now-standard question for anyone in a seminal TV series, Evangeline Lilly of 'Lost' fame gave a thoughtful, honest answer.

Speaking to EW, Lilly said that her "honest answer is I hope not," and explained it further. "I really am that person who felt like we could have left well enough alone with a lot of these franchises, and I am die-hard fan of the original 'Star Wars' movies, you know, and sometimes I think you can devalue the original content."

"I think that can happen, and I would hate to see that happen with 'Lost'. I read a quote recently that said, I’ve never done an adaptation because the book is good enough as it is.”

That's a great point, to be honest. Devaluing the original is something that's almost never talked about when it comes to reboots. Of course, 'Lost' had a dumpster-fire of an ending and the show went right off the deep-end in its last few seasons, but the point is still valid.

It's a shame too many other actors aren't as honest or as protective as she is, but nevertheless, expect to see countless more TV reboots in the years to come.