Often reboots these days can be mediocre attempts to capture the magic of formerly successful shows with the hope that nostalgia will bring in the ratings. It often does, but whether that former magic was captured is quite another thing.

Thankfully, the revival of hugely popular American sitcom Roseanne has done just that, winning rave reviews and breaking a few records while it's at it. Tuesday night's opening episode brought in an impressive 18.2 million viewers, making it the highest-rated comedy episode on any US broadcast network in nearly four years.

The last time an episode hit that level was a season premiere of The Big Bang Theory back in 2014 while the ratings are even higher than the Roseanne finale back in 1997, although given how odd that final season was, that's not too surprising.

Roseanne Barr tweeted to thank fans for tuning in:

However it's not yet known which broadcaster or streaming service will show the new series of Roseanne this side of the pond, and according to Deadline, that's because of a "complicated rights situation".

A prominent European broadcast buyer told the publisher that the situation was a "nightmare" for interested buyers. It seems Disney "has international distribution rights, for a one year term from U.S. broadcast" as the show airs on Disney's ABC network.

This may delay us getting to see Roseanne as soon as we might have expected but here's hoping a deal can be struck soon with Deadline adding that "many major UK and European broadcasters are still keen to discuss".