It was TV's answer to 'The Parent Trap' and it was a highlight of many people's childhoods and now the stars of 'Sister, Sister' are hoping it's time for a comeback.

In an interview with Nylon, Tia Mowry revealed that she and sister Tamera Mowry are looking to reboot their '90s classic show, but unfortunately things aren't happening for them as fast as they'd like.

"We’re looking, right now, for a producer and a writer, someone who can kind of be a leader of the pack in regards to running the show," Mowry said.

"I thought people would kind of be jumping on it, but it’s a lot harder than my sister and I thought it would be. It’s not dead in any kind of way... We’re moving forward, we’re taking those strides. They’re slow strides, but we’re pushing as hard as we can to make people happy and make our fans happy."

If you're not familiar with the show, it stared the Mowry sisters starred as Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell, two twins separated at birth that reunited as teenagers during a chance encounter at a shopping mall.

After they found each other, Tia and her mother, Lisa (the iconic Jackée Harry), moved in with Tamera and her father, Ray (Tim Reid), becoming one big messy yet somehow functional family. Oh and they had a friend who may be friendzone patient zero.

The show only ran for five years but had a significant impact on audiences and on its stars, with both twins staying in showbiz with appearances on sitcoms, hosting cooking shows and serving as panelists on daytime TV shows.

As for when we'll actually see the rebooted 'Sister, Sister', that's anyone's guess but we don't think it will be soon.

In the meantime, let's refamiliarise ourselves with one of the best TV intros of the '90s.