After all that anticipation, and six weeks of investing into the characters of Redwater, it seems the show won't be returning for another series.

The EastEnders spinoff saw Walford favourites Kat and Alfie head to Ireland to track down Kat's long-lost son. Turns out he was actually a serial killing priest although Kat only really became fully aware of the dark side of her son in the final moments of the last episode where she was left fighting for her life in the Irish sea while husband Alfie was awaiting a life threatening operation.

It was quite the cliffhanger, in short, and now it looks like there will be no follow-up. At least according to Jesse Wallace, who of course plays Kat  - or Kathleen as she became known on these shores.

The actress was chatting on ITV's Lorraine this morning about her new play Deathtrap and when asked about Redwater she said, "I don't think there will be another series."

Wallace did seem like she was open to returning to EastEnders however, saying, "I miss Kat; I do miss her.

"I miss the scripts I used to get where there were great one-liners and the storylines."

"And, of course, working with Shane. We bonded straight away and I've known him for 16 years.

"I do miss my friends there as well."

We have no doubt Kat and Alfie will be back on Albert Square at some stage, and sure who knows, maybe they'll even bring that crazy son of hers with them?