Although this season of Better Call Saul's been somewhat slow to start off, we're pretty hopeful it's leading to big, big things.

Last season was laying a pretty decent foundation as well, but that episode about Mike Ehrmantraut's past? That's Breaking Bad Season 5 levels of quality right there. In fact, it's looking like they're maybe something similar planned for this season as well, with Aaron Paul dropping little hints in a recent Reddit AMA session.

When quizzed about the possibility of turning up in Better Call Saul, the former Mr. Jesse Pinkman didn't exactly say no. In fact, he said "...maybe I already shot it? ...maybe it's airing this season? I don't know. Well, actually, I do know but you'll have to watch and see."

In fairness to Aaron Paul, he's a very decent actor but he hasn't a huge amount of luck crossing over into films. Need For Speed, his first lead role in a film off the back of Breaking Bad was absolute muck. Triple 9, currently in cinemas, is very decent - although he's not in it that much and he's basically playing a form of Jesse Pinkman. So, why deny yourself an opportunity to return to your greatest role?

As to what form a cameo from Jesse Pinkman might take is anybody's guess. We know that Pinkman knew Saul Goodman as he successfully defended his former partner in the meth business twice, so we're guessing it'll probably be about this. It could also be those mysterious black-and-white flashforwards we keep seeing at the start of each season; maybe Jesse turns up at his Cinnabon and just wants some of the doughy goodness.


Via Reddit