This week's edition of 'Little Mix: The Search' has been postponed after a number of people on the production tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement released by BBC this morning, it confirmed that a small number of production staff on the show tested positive and are now self-isolating per UK guidelines. The statement goes on to say that the decision was made to postpone this week's show due to "rigorous protocols in place to manage Covid-19 as the safety of all those involved in the production is paramount."

The show follows the members of Little Mix as they each attempt to form six groups, with the winners of the contest going on to play with them as part of the 2021 tour, if concerts are still able to go ahead next year.

So far, 'Little Mix: The Search' has been filming since the beginning of the year with the six groups - as yet unnamed - have been locked down and are ready to perform. However, this latest incident will mean that the show will likely not air until October 24th, putting it in the same date as the launch of 'Strictly Come Dancing'.