Although production had to be halted during the pandemic, the sixth season of 'Line of Duty' is already well into post-production.

Filming was briefly halted in March of last year, but resumed filming in September and completed work by November, with a release date expected some time in the early part of this year.

In fact, a recent post from the BBC's Press Office confirmed that there's already been a development, with none other than Ted Hastings and Steve Arnott arguing over whether or not they can authorise a formal investigation into Vella.

Take a look.

Only the very first season of 'Line of Duty' had five episodes, while all other seasons had six episodes, so there's clearly a lot more story to tell this time around if they're going with seven episodes. Our guess? Ted Hastings has discovered a way to look even more put-upon and fed up, and we need a whole episode of Adrian Dunbar looking disparagingly at everyone.