'Speed' is up there with 'Die Hard' as one of the finest examples of action cinema of the '80s and '90s, and it's not just because of Keanu Reeves or Dennis Hopper's mad-eye quizmaster / bombmaker.

The dynamic between Reeves and Sandra Bullock, in what was her star-making role, really put 'Speed' over the top and made it something special. The movie turns 25 next year, but as Bullock explained on 'Ellen' yesterday, the memories are still fresh in her head.

Namely about how much she fancied Keanu Reeves at the time.

"It was hard for me to be serious around him, because he'd look at me and I'd...", to which Bullock gives a full-on girly giggle. To be fair, Sandra Bullock, it makes sense. The way he was smashing up a car-door just to get on the bus, when he goes flying underneath said bus with a wooden panel. Yeah, that'd get anybody all gooey.

As well as this, Bullock points out what a gentleman Reeves was for helping to keep her dress down during stunts, further cementing Keanu Reeves' place as The Nicest Man In Hollywood™.

Take a look.