Pop quiz, hotshot - how much would you pay for a bus that was used in one of the best action movies of the '90s?

As it turns out, one lucky winner of a recent auction has managed to drive away - probably under 50 miles an hour - with the "hero" bus from 'Speed'. The "hero" line doesn't refer to it being the hero of the movie - that's clearly Jeff Daniels, not Keanu Reeves by the way - but rather the bus that was used in most close-ups and wasn't outfitted with cameras and the like for interior shots.

Other buses - such as the one that actually blew up when it went full speed into a cargo airplane at the end - were either destroyed or scrapped during the production, but this tough little bus remained and was soon shifted into displays and exhibitions for movie fans.

The bus fetched a hefty price at auction, precisely $102,400 when you add in the buyer's premium, with no details given for the buyer. If it turns out to be a disgruntled former bombs expert with a messed up hand who has a maniacal laugh, be afraid.