Let's try paint an image for you and see if it makes sense in context regarding the plastic baby segment we witnessed on last night's 'Late Late'.

It's an Airbnb or a hotel room. Two holidaymakers from another country, unfamiliar with Ryan Tubridy or 'Late Late', decide to check out the local programming on television instead of Netflix et al. They turn on the Airbnb / hotel room's TV and witness this.

Sure, you might think that it's embarrassing, or even downright odd, but isn't it a perfect microcosm of 'Late Late' and its inherent weirdness? If this same segment was done by anyone else - Colbert, Conan, you name it - it would have been yucked up for laughs.

Instead, it just... was. The Royal College of Surgeons' plastic doll - named Lucina - was there, and the whole procedure was carried out in an simulated, though incredibly thorough way that was educational and bizarre in equal measure.

People always give 'Late Late' and its producers stick that they're interviewing people who happen to be hanging around the RTE canteen rather than trying to book some other guests. The next time someone tries to make that argument, you can tell them one time you saw them try to wrangle a plastic baby out in a simulated birthing and it was the stuff of nightmares.

Of course, the fact is that it is in the very fabric of the 'Late Late' and its storied past to have these uncomfortable moments that lifts the veil on something kept out of Irish society. Whether it's Gaybo talking about condoms on bananas or even those 'Reeling in the Years' clips where he interviews Cure-heads in the '80s, it's the same thing.

'Late Late', for all the protestations about it being stale and boring, is trying to do something different and sometimes that takes the form of a piece of television that borders on absurdist, 'Tim and Eric'-style moments like this.

Wonder what that foreigner couple made of it all. Who cares, though?