As anyone who's had long hair will tell you, maintaining it is a nightmare so when you're given the opportunity to hack it all off, you take it.

Case in point - Kit Harington, who's now completed his work on 'Game Of Thrones' and is now getting ready for life post-Westeros. Appearing on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert', Harington introduced his hacked-off hair and looked... normal?

Maybe if he had the Ikea cloak and was in the middle of a battlefield, facing certain death with a grim determination, it mightn't be so bad. Or, y'know, maybe not. Nevertheless, Harington was as gregarious and chatty as ever.

The biggest thing that Harington had to contend with in the interview wasn't his short hair, but just how he's not able to mention any part of the final season. He can't even make up stories about what happens because, as he points out, people will pick his made-up stories apart and then compare them with what they know.

Poor guy. And he's got no long hair, either.

Take a look.