If you ever looked at Jon Snow's Night Watch uniform and thought it looked remarkably similar to a rug you saw in IKEA once, turns out, you were right. It emerged this week that Game of Thrones' costume department actually do use these shop-bought rugs for the Night's Watch cloaks and just hack them up a bit to make them look less model home and more Westeros chic.

The furniture giant has already said they were "flattered" that the show used their rugs, but they've gone a step further now and decided to get some of their staff to model said rugs.

Carol McSeveney, IKEA UK & Ireland textiles sales leader, told iNews, "We know these rugs are warm and cosy but we hadn’t envisioned them becoming a fashion accessory. Seeing them worn by Jon Snow and his brothers… has inspired us to display them off the floor."

The company has released some photos of staff in their Wembley store doing their best Night's Watch impression.

Take a look below:

Not sure if they look quite as good as Jon Snow did however, but strong effort.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to Ikea to get decked out. Winter is coming after all.