God help them all but the poor inmates of Indian's Big Brother house are set to get a surprise this week as Kim Kardashian stops by for a visit. Not content with 'breaking the internet' last week, she is now attempting to break those that have been enslaved by their own thirst for fame in a house where camera crews follow them around. Actually, she should fit right in...

A statement from Bigg Boss broadcaster Colors quoted Kardashian as saying: “Namaste India…main Kim Kardashian aa rahi hoon India…Bigg Boss ke ghar mein. (Greetings, India. I, Kim Kardashian, am coming to India, to the house of Bigg Boss).”

Kim will enter the house on November 22nd for an unknown period of time in what is one of the most-watched programmes in India, with over 150 million viewers.

What she will be doing, we do not know, but then we never really have known what Kim Kardashian does to be honest.