If you happened to be watching 'Killing Eve' this year, Jodie Comer's performance as the psychotic assassin Villanelle was terrifying.

Yet, as you'd expect with most of these things, Jodie Comer - the actor who plays Villanelle - is actually pretty normal. In fact, she's not even above using her starpower to score tickets to the likes of 'Strictly Come Dancing' either.

Speaking to the Two Shots Podcast recently, Comer explained her appearance in the crowd during a show this season. "I went with my mum and my nan because my nan is a 'Strictly' superfan. It was a once in a lifetime for her, so it was really fun."

"It was so funny because my nan was like, ‘This camera is in the way, I can’t see a thing!’ I think it kind of killed the magic for her. All that stuff annoyed her a little bit," she added.

Interestingly, Comer also revealed that the producers of BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing' tried to recruit her for the upcoming season. "They were like, ‘Maybe next year, Jodie...?’ and I was like, ‘Mmm, no, I don’t think so!’ I’d embarrass myself, definitely!"

Not only that, Comer's dance-card is filling up with the hotly-anticipated second season of 'Killing Eve', not to mention 'Free Guy', a new action comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and 'Stranger Things' alum Joe Keery.

Add that with the fear of looking stupid, and there's plenty of reason to stay away.