There has been a great deal of hype building for the second season of 'Killing Eve', one of last year's breakout TV shows which proved a hit with critics and viewers alike. BBC America has previously announced it would air stateside on Sunday, April 7th, but there had been no word on an Irish/UK air date. Until now, and it's RTÉ that have nabbed it first.

Season 2 of 'Killing Eve' is set to air on Wednesday, 10th April on RTÉ2 at 9.35pm. This season will take us from Paris to London, to Amsterdam and finally to Rome, with actress and writer Emerald Fennell taking over the reins from Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Killing Eve's lead writer for the second season

It will kick off 30 seconds after the final episode of the first season, with Eve in shock after stabbing Villanelle. The latter has run off and Eve has no idea if she has killed her or not. But after a terrifying intervention that neither woman is expecting, Villanelle is forced to go on the run, and Eve is ordered home, uncertain of her fate.


Eve will have to decide if she will be honest about what happened in Villanelle’s bedroom, with Niki, Carolyn, or even herself. All she knows for sure, is that she needs to find Villanelle before anyone else does. Unfortunately for Eve, she isn’t the only person looking for her.

According to the plot synopsis, the central question of 'Killing Eve' season 2 is who is really killing Eve? Is it Villanelle, out for revenge? Is it Carolyn, who so wants to get to the heart of The Twelve that she’ll put anyone in danger? Is it Niko, who’s love sometimes borders on the smothering? Or is it Eve herself, who is drawn so deep into the darkness that there is no return?

All of the above?

We'll have to wait and see.

Roll on April 10th.