The 'A League of Their Own' lads are known for getting out of the studio to try out new sports, and the series finale this Thursday sees them in Ireland, where they try their hand at hurling with none other than Kilkenny legend DJ Carey.

Jamie Redknapp, Freddie Flintoff and Rob Beckett went to Nowlan Park in Kilkenny for a halftime hurling challenge and got some coaching from Carey ahead of the match.

Some of them took to it easier than others however, and Jamie soon got into a bit of a man-strop because he wasn't as good as Freddie Flintoff. However, DJ was having none of it, and when Rob asked to see if they can make things easier on Jamie saying: "He’s really getting the hump. Can we do something he’s good at?". DJ retorted: "Like what? Sun bathing is it?"

Jamie does not look impressed and DJ even quickly apologised to the former England footballer, although he still couldn't help going in for a deserved high five from Flintoff.

Watch below:

It was apparently one of the hottest days of the year here so no doubt all was well over a pint later on.

You can see how the lads fared in their halftime hurling challenge on this week's episode, which took place in front of a crowd over 20,000 when Kilkenny took on Wexford earlier this year.


The series finale of 'A League Of Their Own' airs this Thursday at 9pm on Sky One.