Justin Bieber is the latest victim of James Corden's renowned 'Spill Your Guts Fill Your Guts' game.

Justin has been doing loads on Corden's Late Late Show lately including 'toddlerography' and Carpool Karaoke alongside the talk show host.

Now he joins the likes of Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more in playing the gross-out 'Spill Your Guts...'

Bieber asks questions about the food selection that we've wondered for ages - how does one get bird saliva? And why is cod sperm so big?

He was tasked with ranking his wife Hailey Baldwin's friends. Meanwhile James Corden was asked to rank fellow talk show hosts, and scale how much he regretted doing 'Cats'.

It was also hilarious when Corden started singing "Yummy."

Check it out.