It seems that Justin Bieber is certainly enjoying married life and all that comes with it.

The former tween-idol-turned-reformed-bad-boy has been telling fans about what he does in his spare time, and to be honest, it's a case of TMI.

Bieber was playing an intimate gig at London's O2 Indigo Lounge the other day when he took questions from the crowd.

One of them asked him what he does to relax, and he said: "It depends who I am with. When I am with my wife we… You guys can guess what we do all day. It gets pretty crazy sometimes, I can tell you that.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much all we do, to be honest. We like to watch movies – to Netflix and chill. We do more of the chilling part."

And there we were, thinking that he was the Eoin McLove of pop music.

He added: "I play a lot of sports, as you guys know. I have been playing sports. Hockey and soccer. I have been playing a lot of hockey, which I really like.”

The 25-year-old Bieber married Hailey Baldwin last year and has expressed their intention to start a family on more than occasion.

“I’m telling you, being married is so awesome," he said. "But don’t get it twisted, marriage is not easy. It's something you have got to work for. If marriage was easy, everybody would just do it really fast.

“If you guys want to be serious and get married just know it is not just something… it takes work."

His new album 'Changes' is released this Friday and he seems to have grown a moustache your dad would be proud of for the occasion.

He has not, however, responded to allegations of 'emotional abuse' made recently by his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.