It's sad to think we'll no longer get to see Julianna Margulies as the formidable Alicia Florrick, but just as we got over the actress leaving ER, we're sure we can make our peace with this too.

The three-time Emmy winner is certainly moving on anyways as she has just landed a role opposite Richard Gere in upcoming flick 'Three Christs'. Margulies will be playing the wife and former research assistant to psychiatrist Milton Rokeach (Gere) in this drama based on a true story.

Set in 1959, it follows the controversial experiments undertaken by Rokeach on three paranoid schizophrenic patients - portrayed by Peter Dinklage, Bradley Whitford, and Walton Goggins - who all believe they are Jesus Christ.

According to Deadline; "While supportive of her husband, she’s cooped up with two young daughters and resentful of his long hours and of his young attractive female assistant. She is not above using her charms — and the occasional provocative sexual encounter — to be sure she continues to keep his attention."

Jon Avnet will direct the movie, which is set to start shooting in New York in mid-July and will be looking at a 2017 release date.