We all love it when live TV goes hilariously wrong, but the team over at 'This Morning' had a worryingly bad start to this morning's show, when chef John Torode's kitchen nearly went up in smoke.

While filming a live cookery segment from his home, John Torode ended up giving viewers and the presenters an alarming wake-up call - here's the happenings of the 'This Morning' fire.

As both Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield try to catch the chef's attention while he places burger buns into his toaster, they both attempt to alert him to the potential fire risk happening right behind him. Eventually hearing their cries, the chef quickly grabbed the flaming tea towel from the gas cooker, and tosses it into his sink, shouting a stream of "thank you!" to the presenters.

Holly and Phil are in utter shock, and begin to laugh in disbelief at what just unfolded in front of them.

Here's the clip of the near 'This Morning' fire for you.

Typically, the fire alarm began to kick off once the fire was under control.

You just can't beat live TV, eh?