We've all been there. You know someone primarily by their nickname, and - usually in the most formal situation imaginable - you end up mistakenly calling them by it.

Okay, we haven't all been there. However, Pat Kenny found himself in that particular situation last night while hosting Pat Kenny Tonight on Virgin Media One.

Introducing Mattress Mick - the self-professed mattress king of Ireland - he said 'There's a very familiar name in the audience there, Mattress Mick...' before going on to address the salesman as 'Mattress...'

Luckily, he caught himself just in time to add 'Mick' in, but yes - Pat Kenny did use 'Mattress' as a first name.

Juvenile? Undoubtedly. But we can't be the only ones who found it funny.

And if you're pregnant, sure Mattress is a lovely name for a bouncing baby boy. Geddit? Hahahaha...

It looks like Mick is not holding any grudges, however...