"Well, um, this is weird, isn't it?" John Oliver opens his latest monologue on the coronavirus. "This is definitely weird."

The coronavirus was the subject matter of Oliver's show last week as well and indeed, the pandemic has become even more serious in the meantime.

You may notice in the video below that the format for 'Last Week Tonight' is different on this occasion.

Well, as the talk show host explains, the reason for that is there were positive diagnoses in studio. As a result he's now working in a different area with limited staff. And, obviously, no audience.

Oliver reflects on that microphone incident with Rudy Gobert (he really was an awful gobshite for doing that, wasn't he) in the 22 minute long video.

He also expresses his frustration with how short President Donald Trump's grips with the situation falls.

He looks at a few Tiktok videos as well. Because they are educational as well as so darn cute.

The TV host leaves things on a rather ambiguous note. But one supposes they are for now.