As well as being one of the most memorable characters from the series, it was also an Emmy-winning performance for the actor.

According to sources, John Lithgow is set to return for the 'Dexter' revival series which is happening for US network Showtime.

The ninth series of the crime/thriller/dark comedy is expected to arrive later this year, and will see the fan-favourite character appear as a cameo. Lithgow took on the role of The Trinity Killer AKA Arthur Mitchell during season four of the series, who was seen as a deranged father figure to Dexter - that is until he found out who the man truly is. One of the biggest "baddies" of the series, his presence was short-lived following Dexter's brutal murder of him in the season finale.

So, with Lithgow's character long dead, it makes sense that his presence in the 'Dexter' revival won't make a huge impact on the storyline. Still, it's always nice to see John Lithgow in whatever capacity he's in - he even won both an Emmy award and a Golden Globe for his performance as Arthur Mitchell.

According to Deadline, the 10-episode series is still in the middle of shooting, with the returning actor expected to be on set for just one day of filming. Michael C. Hall will indeed be back as the titular character and will see us catch up with the vigilante serial killer 10 years after the events of season eight.

In April, a brief teaser for the series was released, showing off a snowier, more man of the woods version of the show than we've seen thus far. Fans will be hoping that this revival will do good on that season finale ending - which is often regarded as not being true to the character we've seen develop over eight seasons.

We'll find out how it shapes up when the 'Dexter' revival series hits our screens this autumn. You can catch up on the first eight seasons with a Sky or NOW subscription.