"There really is nothing like getting back to nature... My nature."

'The 'Dexter' revival has shared a teaser as to what fans can expect from the upcoming series' return to the world of the murderous character.

Season nine of the hit thriller series, which follows the exploits of the titular serial killer, will hopefully rectify that divisive season finale from 2013.

Michael C. Hall's Dexter Morgan was the main character of the eight-season series, which ended eight years ago and is often regarded as one of the worst endings to a TV series (that is until 'Game of Thrones' said "hold my beer").

From what we can guess in the teaser below, the new 10-episode 'Dexter' revival will continue on from Dexter's faking of his own death at the end of season eight, joining him as he now lives out his life as a lumberjack in a secluded woods.

Here's the brief 'Dexter' revival teaser for you.

It seems the character has enjoyed enough peace, and is ready to get back into his serial killer ways. The series is expected to take place in upstate New York, which is a change of scene from its usual Miami setting.

Joining Michael C. Hall for the limited series will be actor Clancy Brown from 'The Shawshank Redemption', who will be the main villain of this final arc. Other new cast members include Julia Jones from 'Westworld', as well as Johnny Sequoyah, Alano Miller, and Jack Alcott. With this being the final season and all, some surprises from the past might make an appearance too.

The 'Dexter' revival is expected to air later this year, most likely on Sky Atlantic here in Ireland and the UK. You can catch up on the first eight seasons with a Sky or NOW subscription.