A few people in the office are burbling that Brendan would've been a more deserving winner of last night's Great British Bake Off final. In one way, I agree, he was the most consistent, but - again - this is less about the baking and more about a TV show.

Every TV show needs a "journey". Preferably a "journey" made by a young, hot person, with a near severed finger, beautifully flushed cheeks and a fluffy fringe who can sell the Bake Off brand to the next generation. One who will happily sit on a stool in an apron and shorts creating the illusion he's perched in a skirt.

Did John deserve to win? I would argue Yes. He made one amazing Show Stopper cake, comprising of "8 eggs, 1kg of sugar, 600g of dark chocolate, five sheets of gold leaf" and the will to make his mammy proud. Personally I found him a joy to watch. Like, I really enjoyed watching him. Really, really did.

If you wish to make a incredible journey on the Great Irish Bake Off, you're a bit late unfortunately - the closing date for entries was Monday.